Our Mission

To instill the ability and confidence in people to hold meaningful workplace conversations by helping them transcend the barriers of gender, age, technology, hierarchies and cultural conditioning.

The Need

Awkward silences in meetings, miscommunication due to differing conversational styles, cultural differences, gender stereotypes, challenges in the virtual workspace which limit the ability to gauge non-verbal cues and body language – the list goes on. Additional challenges in the form of language barriers, social and cultural conditioning further accentuates the problem leading to people shying away from active conversations.

There is a dire need for companies to address the growing ‘conversation deficit’ that is creeping into the workplace. Every employee, irrespective of their rank, tenure, age and other socio-economic factors are required to fully participate in delivering value to the organization and their clients through active dialogue, in other words, hold better conversations.

The Approach

We live in a world where it takes collective intelligence and collaboration to succeed. It means that members of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and digital orientation must engage in a dialogue through active conversations.

Conversation skills can be learned and practiced, like all other skills and competence. It begins with understanding and addressing blockers that inhibit the ability to engage in conversations, both at a personal level and at an organizational or team level.

However, there are unique challenges for people with various experiences and management levels of the organization; a one size fits all approach will not address the challenges of each of these groups. For this reason, we have structured our programs to meet the needs of the following types of personas differently.

  • Young professionals – Typically Freshers to 2-3 years of experience
  • Experienced professionals – Typically people with >7 years of experience and are engaged in team management or collaboration across teams as technical experts/architects
  • Strategic – These are leaders and senior management members that are required to make strategic decisions for the organization

Our Workshops

We run workshops, where all levels are welcome. From someone that has joined the workforce to someone that is in their mid-senior career levels.

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For specific information on the workshop and curating it to your specific needs.

Our Conversationalist

Our conversationalist has over three decades of corporate experience and has led a number of multi-cultured, multi-generational teams through his career. He is known to bring people together through conversations.

photo of teacher teaching his student

The Art of Conversations

This service forms part of RS Consulting portfolio of services and is focused on enhancing the conversational quotient of a workplace.

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