Enriching Human relationships, through intentional conversations

Hey! We are so happy to see you here. Thank you for visiting this site and being interested in bringing “Human interactions and conversations” into mainstream.

The Art Of Conversation’s mission is to rekindle human interaction through intentional conversations. We do that by bringing people together through stories, workshops, interviews and content that will explore various facets of human relationships.

There’s been enough said about how we are increasingly becoming a disconnected species in a highly connected world. That said, there is no universal solution or methodology to solve this issue. We have a choice – to be bystanders, whine and complain about how things are getting worse OR influence change by helping one another through communities.

That’s the very reason why we founded the Art of Conversations. We are a team that is deeply passionate about the topic and are, in many ways learning to strike a balance ourselves. As a collective team, we are committed to bring about a change – in whatever small way we can, in order to achieve this goal.

There’s a lot for you to look forward to …