Resolution of a different kind

As we near the end of January, euphoria of the new year has settled and for many of us it is “Life as usual”. As it was also touted as the beginning of a new decade, we were curious about the type of resolutions people were making for this year and the new decade. Following is a snapshot from the survey that was conducted by YouGov:


No surprises, right?

We continued looking at many popular sites and trends around the world for resolutions being made for the year and the pattern was identical. What caught our attention was the fact that there were none being made as “Improve relationships”, “digital detox”, Improve conversational skills” or the likes.

This certainly begs the thought; what if we actually were intentional and made one these, a deliberate resolution for this year and beyond? Would it help us make a conscious attempt in working on these areas? Food for thought.

Here are a few simple things to consider as each of us enters this new decade:

  • Be intentional about conversations with people
  • Be attentive and listen to understand
  • Put our phones/devices away while holding a conversation

If you expected to see an exhaustive list here, sorry to disappoint you. Our belief is that we all struggle with the small stuff and hence our small list of things to start with – let’s see how far each of you go with this.

As far as our resolution goes, each of the founders has made a conscious decision to engage in meaningful interactions, not only as part of this initiative; but also, at an individual level as there is much to learn and improve for each of us in this area.

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