Parents as teachers – The journey from “What” to “How”.

Right from the day a child is born, it looks up to its parents for everything from basic support and sustenance of its fragile life to learning everything that is required to survive and grow in this world. The child continues this journey of observing and learning all the way into teenage, adulthood and beyond.Continue reading “Parents as teachers – The journey from “What” to “How”.”

Predictability and emotions.

All through my childhood and a good part of adulthood, I was tutored into being predictable – in outcomes, actions, words, relationships, emotions etc., Anything that I did outside of this expectation was considered blasphemy. It was one the cardinal rules of my upbringing. As years passed, I applied this rule diligently across in myContinue reading “Predictability and emotions.”

Conversations that may be taboo, yet important

The pandemic and home-bound work routine had certainly made us all a little lazy and Pushpa was no exception. As she settled down with a cup of coffee, she reluctantly picked up the newspaper – reluctant because the newspaper these days seem to be competing in being carriers of negativity. Lo and behold, the veryContinue reading “Conversations that may be taboo, yet important”

We are coming full-circle on being a social animal

As I write this blog, COVID-19 is a raging fire across the globe. The world as we know it has ceased to exist in the past month and if things are to be believed, it will be several months before normalcy is established. Having said that, ‘Normalcy’ itself is going to mean something entirely new.Continue reading “We are coming full-circle on being a social animal”

Connection without “Connectivity”

Our cell phones are like an adult binky to us. We freak out when we can’t find the phone, can’t find network connectivity in it and when all the signal bars draw a blank. So basically, we are dismayed without a smart phone with proper network connectivity and 4G network. An all too familiar storyContinue reading “Connection without “Connectivity””

Connections or Conversations? Which first?

In the past couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to be an observer at an internal corporate session where employees were being educated about building connections in the professional world. The entire audience was made of young and energetic people in their mid-late twenties. The session covered ground around the need for building connections,Continue reading “Connections or Conversations? Which first?”

Vulnerability in a conversation

It takes a lot for a person to open up to another, irrespective of how close one might be. This is especially true when the relationship is that of a parent and child. In today’s age and time, things are very different given the current social fabric and pace of changes that are occurring dueContinue reading “Vulnerability in a conversation”

Lessons in conversation: Awkward conversation

It was an incredible commute in the morning – for those of you familiar with Bangalore traffic, you know what I mean. Unannounced road closure had me sitting in the car for over 45 minutes with a distance of 15 feet covered in that time. With nothing else to do, I tuned into one ofContinue reading “Lessons in conversation: Awkward conversation”