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The Annual Strategic plan is an exercise where leaders set goals and objectives for the upcoming year. It is a process where the entire Leadership team must engage in active conversations across the 5 pillars of strategy such as Financial Performance, Competitiveness, Efficiency & Productivity, Decision Making and Communication & Alignment. This program helps the leadership team push boundaries of conventional thinking, challenge status-quo and engage in blue ocean thinking which is facilitated by an industry expert.

  • Understanding of the CEO/Executive Leadership Vision for the company
  • Exploring blue oceans for your business
  • Identifying opportunities for market expansion in existing clientele Vs New clients
  • Develop an ‘opportunities thinking muscle’
  • Distill ideas into concrete priorities
  • Develop a 12-month plan with clear ownership & accountability

This program is held either as a single-day session or over 3-days with logical break in topics for the teams to develop concrete points of view that result in a 12-month plan.

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